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15.05.2017 - IVH invested in Airborne Wind Energy System

IVH invested in the develoment of the next AMPYX Power 2MW prototype

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31.03.2017 - Euskalforging breaks a world record

supplying a seamless rolled ring of 10.000mm of outer diameter and 80.000kg of input weight for the world’s most powerful and quiet hammer.

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16.06.2015 - Euskalforging chosen for Rampion

EuskalForging, a supplier of seamless rolled rings, announces that it has recently won the contract to fully supply the flanges for the foundations for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, being built by energy company EON alongside partners the UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB).The foundations will to be manufactured and supplied by SIF GROUP BV.

 The scope of the project consists in 3 types of flanges (Top and Bottom TP and Mp) starting at 5.000mm of external diameter and finished machined for each of the 116 foundations that will be installed off the Sussex coast in the UK. Under the term of the contract, EuskalForging will roll, heat treat, machine and deliver to the client 348 flanges adapting the production to the customer needs, following Euskal Forging's flexible manufacturing set up.

 Development of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm commenced in 2010,alter we were awarded the exclusive rights to develop the area by The Crown Estate. The nearest turbine to shore will be 13km (8 miles) and the site will feature 116 turbines, each 3.45MW in capacity, giving the project a total generating capacity of 400MW. Each of the turbines will be 85m tall to the hub height, and 140M to blade tip.

08.05.2015 - EUSKAL FORGING delivers for WIKINGER
Grupo Euskal Forging have successfully delivered flanges for jackets to be installed on Wikinger.
This delivery started 2 weeks ago for Navantia and Euskal will begin delivering to Bladt in the near future. Grupo Euskal can manufacture seamless rolled rings as weil as free forged parts using 5 manufacturing plants in Northern Spain.
Wikinger windfarm has consent authorised and is scheduled to start construction in January 2016, and fully commissioned by the end of Oecember 2018. Navantia were awarded the contract to construct and install the offshore substation, the contract was valued at nearly €70 million and will be executed once sufficient grid capacity has been formally allocated by Germany's regulator. Navantia is a Spanish public company belonging to a subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.
Bladt lndustries specialises in complex steel structures for the renewable energy sector. Particularly in steel solulions for
wind turbine constructions as well as in structures for the ulilisation of tidal and wave energy. They have signed a contract
for the fabrication of 41 jacket foundations and 164 pin piles.
19.03.2015 - A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings S.p.A. is now qualified acc. to EN 9100:2009
We're proud to inform, that A.C.S.A. Steel Forgings S.p.A. achieved above mentioned certification, specific for the aeronautical industry sector.
11.03.2015 - EUSKAL FORGING ==> Ø10.200mm outer diameter

Euskal Forging SA now manufactures seamless rolled rings and flanges with a maximum outer diameter of Ø10.2m and with a maximum weight of approx. 80 tons.

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09.10.2014 - EUSKAL FORGING SA is now qualified acc. to EN 9100:2009
We're proud to inform, that EUSKAL FORGING SA achieved above mentioned certification, specific for the aeronautical industry sector.
30.05.2014 - Euskal Forging scores Gemini

Euskalforging is supplying the 150 Transition Piece Flange sets (150 TP Lower + 150 TP Top) and 150 Monopile Flanges for the 150 Joint Flange XL Monoplies. Euskalforging is the sole supplier selected for the Flange supply for the innovative Joint Flange XL Monopiles, achieving the demanding mechanical properties. Euskalforging exclusive flange manufacturing process fits perfectly with offshore requirements. The supply record includes Amrumbank West, Humber Gateway and now Gemini, the only three wind offshore farms using Joint Flange XL Monoplies until today.